Latest ISO Survey confirms boost in management systems

Latest ISO Survey confirms boost in management systems

The numbers are in. Getting certified to ISO management systems is on the rise, according to their uptake tallied in the ISO Survey of Certification. The annual survey, now in its 20th edition, gives a worldwide panorama of certification to ISO's management system standards.

The latest edition reveals a healthy growth across the board for all certifications at the end of 2012, exhibiting a worldwide total of 1 504 213 certificates across 191 countries. With a record increase in the number of certificates issued, the survey also underscores the market relevance of ISO management systems in the global economy. All seven ISO management system standards are showing an increase compared to 2011.

Here's just one example. Only in its second year, ISO 50001 on energy management has shown impressive growth (332 %), generating special enthusiasm in Europe and South-East Asia. Certification in this area is expected to rise over the next few years as the short-term benefits of energy efficiency become noticeable.

Overall, Asia comes up trumps once again in this year's survey. Spurred by continued economic growth and important industrial and manufacturing production, China remains in the top 10 countries for six out of the seven standards covered in this survey.

As an added bonus, the ISO Survey 2012 can now be viewed in a colourful, graphical format for faster search and retrieval (and a more attractive design). Just select the standard desired for an overview of its geographical distribution or the country in question to see its evolution throughout the years. Play, explore and learn with this great new format. You’re just a click away!