New edition of ISO 14001 standard soon to reach the final draft stage

New edition of ISO 14001 standard soon to reach the final draft stage

The ISO 14001 standard is globally applied to set up and certify environmental management systems. It is part of the ISO 14000 family, which deals with various aspects of environmental management.

What is new in the ISO 14001 standard ?

By implementing ISO 14001, organisations can guarantee to their management, employees and external stakeholders that they measure and improve their environmental impact.
The new ISO 14001 conforms to the new High Level Structure (HLS) wich applies to all new ISO management standards. This uniform structure facilitates the integration of different (quality, environmental, energy etc.) management systems. In comparison to the previous edition, the new ISO 14001 focuses to a greater extent on the control of outsourced processes related to the environment, as well as on the management, from a lifecycle perspective, of environmental risks and opportunities.

Progress of the draft standard

The DIS version (Draft International Standard) of the new edition of ISO 14001 has been approved. In early February, the ISO working group will meet in Tokyo, Japan, to treat the numerous comments received. Next the document will be circulated as an FDIS (Final Draft International Standard) and submitted one last time to the vote of the ISO members. If, during this last round, at least 2/3 of the votes by active (P) members are in favour of the FDIS document, it will be published as an International Standard in August 2015.

The ISO 14001 standard in practice

Do you want to learn how to use ISO 14001 and discover its impact on your organisation ? Join the half-day, interactive information session on the new ISO 14001 standard, which is organised by the NBN Academy in the BUROGEST Office Park in Namur, on Thursday 26 March 2015, from 13h30 to 17h00.

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