Quality is first of all a question of leadership

Quality is first of all a question of leadership

Being more competitive through quality management

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are crucial to the success of an organisation. Quality is one of the major factors that determine customer satisfaction.

Since the last publication of the ISO 9001 quality standard in 2008, the world has continued to evolve. Doing business is becoming ever more complex and international, competition from other continents is mounting and consumers express their dissatisfaction more quickly through the social media. Against this background, quality provides structure, a solid basis and new insights.

Quality management

Quality management is primarily a matter of continuous improvement. A process-driven quality approach, as presented in ISO 9001, requires that organisations describe, analyse, measure, and improve their processes. This gives employees a better understanding of their role in the process and how they contribute to the success of their organisation. Consequently, the quality awareness of the entire organisation increases. Today more than one million organisations worldwide already use the ISO 9001 standard. This figure confirms that the ISO 9001 standard is accepted worldwide and has a huge support.

Leadership: essential in today’s quality management

Today, the concept of quality extends far beyond the mere quality of products or services. It is also about how an organisation deals with its customers. Obviously the new version of the ISO 9001 standard - which will be published in September 2015 – takes this into account. A clear organisational structure, dedicated and competent staff, knowledge management and documentation, good internal and external communication, clear objectives and effective risk management are today basic elements of a good quality system.

However, the most important aspect of quality management is how CEOs and management deal with it. Are they committed and do they lead by example ? Do they make adequate resources available ? Do they invest in human resources ? Is quality part of the company strategy and objectives ?

The NBN Quality conference

Obviously there is not one magic recipe for developing quality management inside your organisation. That is why the Bureau for Standardisation (NBN) organizes on 6 October, 2015 a quality conference where a number of CEOs - from Infrabel, Ricoh and SERIS Group, among others – will present their vision of and approach to quality management.

At the NBN Quality Conference you will also find out what the impact of a number of changes to the new ISO 9001 standard will be on your organisation. One aspect is the alignment of ISO 9001 with other management standards dealing with environment, energy and information security. Thanks to the High Level Structure there is a greater degree of uniformity and it's a lot easier to integrate different management systems. This allows a more efficient and consistent approach to quality management. All this will be discussed at the NBN Quality conference on Tuesday, 6 October, 2015 at Square Brussels.

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