Safe trampoline jumping

Safe trampoline jumping

In this summer season trampolines are a popular play equipment for the garden. There are different sizes, shapes and colours available on the market. The choice of the size and shape of the trampoline will depend on the available space in your garden.

Trampolines present a number of safety features.These include frame pads that cover the edges of the trampoline. This protective edge should be stretched tightly over the frame and spring assembly in order to avoid accidents that can occur when a foot or hand gets caught between the springs. The frame pad also serves to absorb the shock of a fall. In addition, enclosure nets are available on the market which completely encircle the trampoline.

The upper enclosure net (safety net) is commonly used to protect the jumper. An optimised safety net should be connected directly to the bounce mat, rather than the outer frame. A lower enclosure net closes off the area between the bounce mat and the ground. It can be used to protect very young children from getting hurt when running or playing underneath the trampoline. Installing an in-ground trampoline is another way of avoiding this type of accident; moreover this type of trampoline blends perfectly with the garden and is more easily accessible.

At this moment a new European standard, EN 71-14, is in preparation for the safety of trampolines for domestic use. The draft standard is currently under technical review, which means that all comments received during the enquiry are being treated. The standard is expected to be published in a relatively short timeframe.

Standard EN 71-14 is intended for manufacturers and will specify requirements and test methods for trampolines, their means of access, as well as for the enclosure nets. It will also contain instructions on consumer warnings.

For the time being, this standard does not cover in-ground trampolines, but they will be included in the next update. EN 71-14 will ensure that consumers can have confidence in the trampolines on the market.