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Standard charger for mobile phones will become compulsory in 2017

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Standard charger for mobile phones will become compulsory in 2017

The European Parliament has approved a directive according to which, by 2017, producers of mobile phones will have to make their devices compatible with a standard charger. The directive meets the concerns of the European Commission and consumer organizations.

The current imcompatibility of chargers is a real inconvenience for consumers. This new directive will not only make life easier for the consumer and reduce costs associated with the purchase of an individual charger; it is also good news for the environment, because it will dramatically reduce the amount of waste caused by the different types of chargers.

EU members states will have a period of two years to transpose the directive into national law. Apart from mobile phones, the directive also applies to tablets, digital cameras, smartphones and music players. In the future, producers who refuse to adapt their products, risk a sales ban within the European Union.

The European Commission will now undertake a study concerning the follow-up of this directive. The aim is for the industry to reach a new voluntary agreement on a standard charger. The Commission will also work on legally binding measures based on this the directive. A European standard with specifications for a standard mobile phone charger, was published in Belgium in 2011 as NBN EN 62684. The content of this standard is identical to the International standard IEC 62684.