Uniform fuel labelling will guide the European consumer in petrol stations

Uniform fuel labelling will guide the European consumer in petrol stations

Filling your car up with the wrong fuel and having to call for roadside assistance: it’s the nightmare of any driver, especially abroad.

With the emergence of various alternative fuels, European consumers are increasingly unsure about the compatibility of certain fuels with their cars. Even more so if they drive abroad, as the indication of the fuel type may differ from one country to another. New European legislation addresses this problem by requiring member states to introduce uniform symbols for the type of fuel (gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, biogas, natural gas, LPG, hydrogen etc.) available in service stations. These symbols have a specific shape and color code. The idea is to apply them not only on the gas pumps, but also on every new vehicle. This way drivers can easily check if a particular fuel is suitable for their car.

In addition, under the new EU legislation, member states must by 2020 provide a sufficient number of supply points for sustainable fuels in order to promote this type of transport. With the growing range of alternative fuels, a uniform indication of the fuel type will become even more important. Otherwise, the consumer may lose his way and make the wrong choice!

Creation of a project committee

Today the labels for car fuels are not yet standardized in the EU. That is why the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) has recently created a new Project Committee, CEN / TC 411 'Fuel labeling', which will meet for the first time on June 8 in Brussels. This committee will have to achieve results fairly quickly, since car manufacturers and owners of filling stations only have 18 months left to implement the new labels. The objective is to develop a uniform coding of fuels with colored symbols of specific shape and size. These symbols will be affixed to the pumps and new vehicles.

Call for experts

For this new project committee, we are looking for experts with knowledge of vehicles and alternative fuels, or active in the field of consumer information or color codes. We are also interested in a contribution by security personnel as well as officers of emergency services, for which a uniform and simple identification of vehicle fuel is essential from the point of view of safety.

Are you interested in participating in this project committee? Do not hesitate to contact us.