Belgian, European and international standards projects: the work programme

Standards committees monitor one or more standards projects. At a European and international level, we also refer to such activity as a ‘work programme’. This is used to keep a record of the standards projects that certain committees are currently involved in and what stage they are currently at.


Belgian (NBN) standards projects

Would you like to find out about the latest proposals for standards, which standards are currently being revised and which standards are currently the subject of a public enquiry? Here, you can search for the status of a standard based on the number and/or the title for Belgian (NBN) standards projects.


European and international standards projects

Find out which standards committees are monitoring specific standards projects and what their work programme is. Here, you can also find the phase of the standards project – proposal, draft, public enquiry or publication – for:


Standards development in new fields

Standards are found in virtually every specialist field. So any interested party can submit a proposal for a standard. Depending on the type of standard, they can also be developed further at a national, European or international level.


Are you looking for more information, do you have an idea for a new standard or would you like to take part in an existing standards project yourself?

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