Professional Standardisation Support - developing standards together

Standards reflect expert consensus around specific products, services, processes and test methods. This helps make our lives easier by answering the question: “What is the best way of doing this?” Initially, we mainly dealt with topics such as weights and measurements, but these days standards are required in a variety of sectors. This includes agreements regarding data protection, road safety or sustainable procurement.

As a result, more and more professionals have become involved in standardisation. To provide them with the necessary support, the NBN is extending its services in 2019 to include Professional Standardisation Support (PSS).


What does PSS entail?

The NBN wants to apply its expertise of standardisation procedures and processes as widely as possible. We therefore offer our know-how to help you develop the necessary standards. We cover the following two areas:

1. We help develop Belgian standards

Standards help organisations overcome a variety of business challenges. Have you spotted an opportunity for a new standard within your business, organisation or sector? Our advice is go for it! The NBN will use all its available resources to support you. This allows you to fully concentrate on substance, improving the quality, safety or sustainability in your field.

Which tasks are assumed by the NBN?

  • We take care of the preparatory work, such as stakeholder analyses, target group databases and writing out content.
  • We also perform operational tasks, such as setting up and supporting meetings, following up plans of action and helping to ratify and publish the standards.

2. We support CEN and ISO task force leaders

Are you going to lead a working group of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) or the Comité Européen de Normalisation (CEN)? Great idea! This allows you to build up a solid reputation, actively steer new developments and network with a variety of different experts. The NBN can also take some admin work off your hands to make your life easier.

Which tasks are assumed by the NBN?

  • Framework and support: training sessions for task force leaders, professional administrative support and help rolling out procedures. 
  • Follow-up: the NBN keeps you updated on existing rules and procedures, deadlines and new developments at the CEN and/or ISO.

Interested in developing a new Belgian standard to give your business or organisation a boost? Or are you going to lead an international standardisation working group?

Our Professional Standardisation Support provides continuous support by experienced experts, giving you more time to fully focus on substance.