Quality management: the key to a successful company

Quality management is the key to the success of every company. Setting up a quality management system is a strategic decision that improves the performance of an organisation. And offers a solid basis for initiatives around sustainable development.


The international technical committee ISO/TC 176 develops international standards that provide companies with requirements, guidelines and tools to apply quality management. Just think of the ISO 9001 certifiable standard.


Through the Belgian committee for quality management NBN/I176, the NBN offers an exceptional opportunity to closely follow and contribute to these developments.

What is quality management?

Quality management aims for the highest possible quality of a product, production process, service or organisation. This means it is not a defined field of expertise, but pops up in all parts of the management of a company.


In your company, quality management aspects are usually embedded in a quality management system. This documents processes, procedures and responsibilities to implement and continuously improve a quality policy and the quality goals.

Why opt for a quality management system?

A quality management system coordinates and manages activities within an organisation so they meet both customer's conditions and legal requirements. This is how you continuously improve the effectiveness and the efficiency.

Quality management directly contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs of the United Nations. Including SDG 1 'No poverty', SDG 8 'Decent work and economic growth', SDG 9 'Industry, innovation and infrastructure' and SDG 12 'Responsible consumption and production'.

Standards and quality management

A number of international standards provides clear guidelines and tools for quality management. The best known is ISO 9001. In Belgium almost 3000 companies are certified according to ISO 9001. Other standards refer to customer satisfaction, quality culture, competence management, involvement of people or quality plans, etc.


The international standards committee for quality management (ISO/TC 176) is responsible for the development and regular review of these standards.


The Belgian standards committee for quality management and quality assurance (NBN/I176) aims to bring together all Belgian stakeholders with expertise in this field. The committee closely follows ISO's work and contributes to it. Anyone (any company or organisation and any individual) in Belgium can join NBN/I176.


The NBN also offers specific training programmes to familiarise yourself with ISO 9001 or to expand your knowledge in this field of expertise.

Contributing to standards development works to your advantage

  1. You will be the first to know about future developments and trends that strengthen your organisation's competitiveness. At an international, European and national level. Do you want to be ahead in your field and ahead of your competitors? Then become an expert in our national committee.
  1. Early access to such strategic information offers you the opportunity to anticipate future changes.
  1. You exert influence during the standards development process. Your organisation can protect its investments in products, research and development. Whatever you do, you ensure that your interests are safeguarded in international, European and national standards.
  1. You build a network with everyone who is working towards creating a global and regional framework in your field. A standards committee is the ideal place to make new contacts. And to exchange ideas with people who, like you, are shaping the future of your field.
  1. You learn and exchange knowledge. The people who sit on standards committees are experts in their field and have in-depth knowledge. They share this knowledge and learn from each other. What if you are on a committee yourself? Then you gain a great deal of knowledge first hand. And you get a comprehensive overview of all the underlying aspects of a certain field.

Who can become a quality management expert?

Any Belgian organisation and any individual person can join the Belgian quality management standards committee. Knowledge of standards or the NBN is not necessary but knowledge of quality management is required. This includes large and small companies, consultants and researchers, local authorities and regional or national agencies, financial institutions, employers' federations, audit and certification companies, etc.

Want to know more?

When do the quality management standards committees meet?
  • The Belgian committee NBN/I176 meets a few times a year.
    Next meeting: 20 June 2022 and 3 October 2022
  • The international committee ISO/TC 176 meets once or twice a year.
    Next meeting: 17 to 21 October 2022

Will you become an expert?

Are you interested in joining quality management standards committees?

- Please contact Alexandre della Faille (NBN project manager) at alex.dellafaille@nbn.be.
- Or join the next ‘Standardisation – The Basics’ webinar where more information is provided about standardisation (approximately 40 min).
- More information about ‘becoming an expert in a standards committee’ is also available on this webpage.