Risk Management & Risk Based Auditing - ISO 31000 - ADVANCED

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Manage risks better with ISO 31000

If you are good at managing risks – from financial through technological to health risks – you will be able to make your organisation future-proof and even identify opportunities. ISO 31000 is the key international standard for quality management systems. Notably, the latest version of ISO 9OO1 also focuses closely on risks and opportunities.

In this ISO 31000 training course, we take things a step further as risk-based audits call for specific knowledge and know-how. The course focuses on taking a proactive approach in order to achieve specific objectives and less on compliance with existing procedures. Our instructor will guide you through all the stages of the audit process and show you what a risk-based approach entails.


Learning objectives

At the end of the day:

  • you will know what the principal risks are and how to manage them;
  • you will know the success factors for a risk management system;
  • you will be able to take a risk-based approach in accordance with other standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 too;
  • you will understand what external auditors focus on when carrying out audits based on ISO 31000;
  • you will have the knowledge required in order to draw up an audit plan based on specific objectives;
  • you will be able to formulate recommendations relating to risk management for the management.



The ISO 31000 training course covers the following topics:

  • risk management as the cornerstone of good management;
  • the role of your stakeholders;
  • ISO 31000 in relation to other management standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001;
  • key requirements of ISO 31000 as a basis for successful business operations;
  • determining the risks to your organisational objectives;
  • risk-based audits and the expectations of external auditors;
  • planning, performing and reporting on audits in accordance with ISO 19011;
  • assessing and monitoring corrective measures.


Target audience

This training course is suitable for:

  • risk managers;
  • quality managers wanting to take a risk-based approach in accordance with ISO 9001;
  • users of other management standards looking to integrate risk management;
  • management, board members and strategic officers,
  • internal and external auditors who work with ISO 19011 and ISO 31000;
  • quality, safety and environmental officers.


Meet the trainer

Heidi Vandenhende is an external lead auditor and trainer at Bureau Veritas Certification (BVC) and teaches at the HoGent. She also gives training courses at the NBN Academy on management systems. Her specializations are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 26000 and ISO 45001.

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