The key to successful innovation? Standards!

Innovation is absolutely essential for the survival of companies and organisations: it increases efficiency and contributes to the growth of your company. Do you want to get the most out of your investments in innovation? Then invest in innovation management standards. They help you to implement a structured innovation process. Do you have the necessary in house knowledge and expertise to develop standards? Then you too can contribute to developing standards.

Innovation of ideas, products, services or processes

Everything can be innovated. Innovation is applied in every business operation: from the development to the delivery of a new product or service.

Companies are able to anchor innovation and knowledge in a standard. This turns standardisation into a strategic instrument for companies that want to innovate. Standards accelerate the innovation process and make it more efficient. That is why the use of standards during the research, development or test phase of products is always a good idea. In administrative or production processes too, standards make it easier to implement improvements.

Reading tip

A VUB study shows that standards contribute to innovation and have an impact on our economy.

Read the news articel (available in French)


Innovation management standards

Do you want your investments in innovation to pay off? Then invest in innovation management standards. They help with the implementation of a structured innovation process. Innovation management standards have been developed to stimulate the innovation of products and services. But also processes and ideas. This means that every organisation can benefit.

Whatever your priorities, with innovation management standards you receive support from A to Z: from defining your objective, determining the necessary means, to evaluating and following up your innovation.

Bonus: innovation management is easy to integrate in an existing management system. In other words, this is the ideal solution to handle your management system in an even more innovative way!

How do you start?

ISO 56000 Innovation management - Fundamentals and vocabulary lays down the theoretical basic principles of an innovation management system.

ISO 56000

ISO 56002 Innovation management – Innovation management system - Guidance allows you to successfully put the system into practice.

ISO 56002

All specific standards on innovation management are available on our category page.

Innovation and standardisation

Innovation and standardisation go hand in hand. From the initial idea, to launching your innovative concept: standards help you every step of the way. Standards development is therefore extremely important. That is why standards committees are constantly looking for specialists and people with the necessary know-how to contribute to standard development.

Develop your own standards

Do you want to help to develop standards? Become an expert in a standards committee.