Training programme ISO 27001 - NBN-certified information security professional

Both large and small organizations today manage a huge amount of sensitive data. The Belgian and European governments are responding to this by imposing strict rules, such as the recent GDPR legislation. In the meantime, it is best to take into account possible cyber attacks or data breaches. How do you maintain control over all this? An information security management system (Information Security Management System or ISMS) based on ISO / IEC 27001 offers the answer.


The benefits for you

Training programme with 15% discount

Enjoy a 15% discount if you register for this training programme in 2020.

NBN-certified information security professional

Certificate to mark your hard work! The NBN certificate is proof that you have achieved the learning objectives of the various training courses. It will also give you an extra trump card for your professional career.



THE BASICS - Getting to know the standard (2 days)

During this two-day course you will learn:
  • Benefits, purpose and processes involved in managing an ISMS
  • Purpose, intent and understanding of the requirements for ISO 27001 certification
  • Basic principles of the standard and an overview of the (PDCA) cycle
  • The basic approach to risk assessment
  • To develop an information security infrastructure
  • To identify assets, risk owners, threats, vulnerabilities and business impacts
  • To identify any gaps in your existing controls and address the controls within Annex A of the standard
  • The subjects of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and the importance of these when assessing risks and implementing controls
  • The design, deployment and review of the risk assessment methodology.


ADVANCED - Audit the standard (2days)

During this two-day course, you will learn:

  • The structure and content of ISO 27001
  • Protect your organisation from a breach in information security
  • Internal ISMS audits - role and contribution
  • Role and responsibilities of an internal ISMS auditor
  • Plan your audits by developing effective checklists
  • Verify the conformity of your current practices
  • Improve the stability and robustness of your ISMS
  • Planning, seeking objective evidence, reporting findings accurately and ensuring that corrective action has been applied and followed up when necessary
  • To plan, perform and report on your overall performance.


OPTIONAL: Lead Auditor Training ISO 27001

If you wish, you can follow the Lead Auditor Training ISO 27001 in addition of this training programme. This is an intensive course followed by the official IRCA exam. If you pass this exam, you can register as a certified auditor at the Auditor Certification Scheme.


Target audience

  • Any individual responsible for managing an organisation’s information security
  • Individuals required to perform internal audits of ISMS against ISO 27001 requirements
  • Any experienced auditor looking to extend its role into information security.


Meet the trainer

Lloyd's Register is a leading provider of certification, verification and training management systems recognized by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Their team consists of around 20 specialists. They have a lot of practical experience with management systems: they are experienced auditors and trainers. The NBN cooperates with them for various internal and lead auditor training courses.

NBN Learning Solutions

NBN Learning Solutions assists organisations in understanding and applying standards. NBN Learning Solutions is part of NBN (Bureau for Standardisation). It organises open trainings as well as in-company training on management standards. NBN is the single point of contact in Belgium for anyone wishing to develop or buy standards, or to follow training in applying management standards.


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