ISO 27001: trainings and learning program on information security management

With an Information Security Management System (or ISMS) you monitor the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all your data. This way you not only avoid data breaches and abuse, but you also gain the trust of customers, partners and other stakeholders. Thanks to the international ISO 27001 standard, these benefits are within the reach of every type of organization. After all, the standard bundles the requirements for setting up, implementing and continuously improving an effective ISMS.

A customized training offer

Do you want a general introduction about the "how" and "why" of an ISMS according to ISO 27001? Or are you looking for training on internal and external audits of an ISMS? NBN Learning Solutions has the perfect formula for you, at a central location or at your office.

Why choose NBN Learning Solutions?

  • As the only Belgian member of ISO and CEN, NBN is at the source for everything concerning standards. That way you will always be the first to know about new developments.

  • The trainers of NBN Learning Solutions are experienced experts. In addition, they are themselves active in standard committees on management standards, which means that they share first-hand knowledge.


Starting with ISO 27001? Follow a basic training or learning program

If you are not yet fully familiar with the international standard for information security management, NBN Learning Solutions offers you two choices:

1. Foundations Level ISO 27001

During this two-day course, we look at the standard requirements in detail and we look in more detail at the features and benefits of an efficient ISMS.

2. Learning Program ISO 27001

This formula allows you to build up a good dose of expertise around ISO 27001 in just three months. During that time you will follow two courses:
  • Foundations Level ISO 27001: a two-day training course that familiarizes beginning standard users with the requirements of an ISMS for your organization.
  • Internal auditor ISO 27001: an experienced trainer from Lloyd's Register shows you how to perform a reliable internal audit in six steps.

The 4 benefits for you:

  • Invaluable expertise and know-how: the trainers from NBN Learning Solutions sit on standards committees and have a wealth of practical experience. You will also be able to share your knowledge and experiences with other professionals from the training programme.

  • Maximum impact: taking part in these training courses will enable you to give environmental management within your organisation a massive boost after just three months. Theory and practice go hand in hand with this formula.

  • Support from NBN: as the only Belgian member of ISO and CEN, NBN is the source for everything relating to standards. So you will always be the first to find out about the latest developments.

  • Certificate to mark your hard work: the NBN certificate is proof that you have achieved the learning objectives of the various training courses. It will also give you an extra trump card for your professional career.


Do you wish to expand your expertise on ISO 27001? Follow an advanced audit training or learning program! 

If you already have some prior knowledge of ISO 27001 and you wish to expand your knowledge on internal and lead audits, then this training offer is perfect for you: 

1. Inernal Auditor ISO 27001

An information security management system must be constantly up-to-date. Regular internal audits are therefore necessary. During this two-day course you learn the tricks of the trade.

2. Lead Auditor Training ISO 27001

The Lloyd’s Register team will teach you how to do an ISMS audit for five days. At the end of the training you can cash in on this expertise with an IRCA certificate.

3. Learning Program ISO 27001

The ISO 27001 learning track consists of two courses: a basic course and a course on internal audits. If you choose this formula, you will receive a 15% discount on the registration fee. In addition, you take home a certificate from the NBN at the end of the journey.
Good to know: if you have a taste, then you can also participate in the advanced training "ISO 27001 - ISMS - Lead Auditor".

ISO 27001 at your office? Organize an incompany training or learning program

If you are looking for an efficient solution to offer several employees a training or training programme on ISO 27001 at the same time, NBN Learning Solutions will come to you. Together we map the needs of your organization and then put together a personalized program. You choose the location, the time and the language of the chosen study program (s).


More information? Contact us via or +32 2 738 01 11.