ISO 31000 training programme: an NBN certificate in 6 months

The key international management standard for risk management - ISO 31000 - is increasingly becoming a must-have for organisations. Because you can’t put a price on risk management. But do you know what the standard actually contains and how to go about implementing it effectively.

A customized training offer

If your answer is not a resounding 'yes', then NBN Learning Solutions has the solution: we offer a choice of training courses, ranging from basic training to master classes. You can also register for the ISO 31000 training programme and become an NBN-certified professional in just six months.

Why choose NBN Learning Solutions?

  • As the only Belgian member of ISO and CEN, NBN is at the source for everything concerning standards. That way you will always be the first to know about new developments.

  • The trainers of NBN Learning Solutions are experienced experts. In addition, they are themselves active in standard committees on management standards, which means that they share first-hand knowledge.


Starting with ISO 31000? Follow a basic training or learning program

If you are not yet fully familiar with the international standard for risk management, NBN Learning Solutions offers you two choices:

1. Basic training on ISO 31000

During this training course (3 days), you will get to know the standard. What does ISO 31000 contain and what requirements are specified in the standard? This training course is an essential starting point if you or your organisation want to start working with ISO 31000.

2. What does the ISO 31000 training programme entail?

You will attend three training courses on ISO 31000 within six months: a basic training course, an advanced training course and a master class. At the end of the programme, you will be given a certificate from NBN to take home with you.

  • Basic training on ISO 31000: this three-day training course in English is the ideal introduction to the management standard. What requirements are specified in the standard, how can you put them into practice and how can they benefit your organisation?
  • Advanced training on ISO 31000: Risk management and risk-based auditing: During this training course, we take things a step further as risk-based audits call for specific knowledge and know-how. The course focuses on taking a proactive approach in order to achieve specific objectives and less on compliance with existing procedures. - Only available in Dutch and French!
  • Master class on ISO 31000: during this interactive five-day master class in English, you will learn and practice how to develop the ISO 31000 framework to suit your needs and requirements. You will learn how to construct your own policy, plans and procedures for integrating risk management in operational processes at all levels within the organisation and how to link and coordinate these with already existing work methods used within your organisation.

The 4 benefits for you:

  • Invaluable expertise and know-how: the trainers from tNBN Learning Solutions sit on standards committees and have a wealth of practical experience. You will also be able to share your knowledge and experiences with other professionals from the training programme.

  • Maximum impact: taking part in these training courses will enable you to give environmental management within your organisation a massive boost after just three months. Theory and practice go hand in hand with this formula.

  • Support from NBN: as the only Belgian member of ISO and CEN, NBN is the source for everything relating to standards. So you will always be the first to find out about the latest developments.

  • Certificate to mark your hard work: the NBN certificate is proof that you have achieved the learning objectives of the various training courses. It will also give you an extra trump card for your professional career.


Do you wish to expand your expertise on ISO 31000? Follow an advanced audit training, master class or learning program!

If you already have some prior knowledge of ISO 31000 and risk management, then this training offer is perfect for you:

1. Risk management and risk based auditing (Dutch or French)

During this one-day training course, you will learn about the principal risks and how to manage them, find out about the success factors of a risk management system, be able to take a risk-based approach in accordance with other standards too, understand what external auditors focus on when carrying out audits based on ISO 31000 and learn how to draw up an auditing plan and formulate recommendations for management.

2. Risk Management with ISO 31000 - Advanced level

During this 5-day interactive training course in English, you will learn and practice how to develop the ISO 31000 framework to suit your needs and requirements. You will work on your own scenario in order to produce the policy, plans and procedures required to implement ISO 31000 successfully within your organisation.

3. ISO 31000 - NBN-certified risk professional training programme

Want to become an NBN-certified risk management professional? Register today and get a 15% discount.

ISO 31000 at your office? Organize an incompany training or learning program

If you are looking for an efficient solution to offer several employees a training or training programme on ISO 31000 at the same time, NBN Learning Solutions will come to you. Together we map the needs of your organization and then put together a personalized program. You choose the location, the time and the language of the chosen study program (s).

More information? Contact us via or +32 2 738 01 11.