ISO 9001: training course on quality management

When you say quality management, ISO 9001 immediately comes to mind. This internationally recognised management standard has become an indispensable framework for organisations committed to customer satisfaction.

A customised range of training options

Are you fairly new to quality management and do you want to quickly master the ISO 9001 standard? Or do you want to expand your current expertise? NBN has a number of training courses that you can choose from, either at the NBN office, at your office or from home, online.

Why follow a training course from NBN?

  • As the only Belgian member of ISO and CEN, NBN has ready access to everything related to standards. This means you will always be the first to know about new developments.
  • NBN trainers are experienced experts. In addition, they are themselves active in standards committees on management standards, so that they can share first-hand knowledge.
  • We offer completely new learning experiences supported by the best technologies: e-learning, blended learning and virtual classrooms.


Getting started with ISO 9001?

If you are not yet fully familiar with the international standard for quality management, NBN  offers you two training options:

1. Basic ISO 9001 training

During this two-day classroom training course, you will learn what the ISO 9001 standard entails, what changes its implementation brings for your organisation and how to prepare for this.

2. e-learning ISO 9001

Our quality management experts have blended a mix of theory, examples, testimonials and exercises into an attractive online learning platform. You learn when and where you want, at your own pace. If you pass the exam at the end of this module, you will obtain an ISO 9001 Certified Associate diploma.

Want to expand your expertise on ISO 9001?

If you already have some prior knowledge of ISO 9001 and quality management, then this training offering is perfect for you:

1. Master Track ISO 9001

NBN has developed a unique learning path for the internationally recognised ISO 9001 management standard. The ISO 9001 Master Track consists of four parts: an introduction to ISO 9001 in the form of an e-learning course followed by two classroom based in-depth courses and a final test with a classroom presentation. The icing on the cake: if you pass the exam and final test, you will get the title of ISO 9001 Certified Master.

The foundations of ISO 9001 (e-learning):

Through an attractive mix of theory, examples, testimonials and exercises, this e-learning course ensures that every participant gets the basic knowledge about ISO 9001. In addition, we draw connections between ISO 9001 and other management standards and you will have access to extra teaching materials.

Note that if you want to advance to the classroom lesson, you must first pass the e-learning exam. After all, we think it’s important to teach everyone the same level of knowledge before tackling more advanced subjects in the classroom.

Classroom training:

Over the course of two days, you will gain more in-depth knowledge about ISO 9001. You will learn to interpret the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard and apply them in your own professional context. You will also learn a number of management techniques that you can apply in quality management. Furthermore, you will take your first steps in the world of quality audits and, for example, learn how to draw up audit reports. Finally, you will receive a personalised assignment to really apply the knowledge you have gained. The icing on the cake: your ISO 9001 Certified Master diploma (after passing the exam, of course).

2. ISO 9001:2015 – internal auditor training according to ISO 19011

A good quality management system requires regular audits. ISO 19011 helps you to perform internal and external audits of management systems.

3. ISO 9001 - Quality Management Systems Lead Auditor

In this course you will learn to determine, as a lead auditor, whether a quality management system meets all the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

ISO 9001 courses at your office?

Are you looking for an efficient solution to offer several employees an ISO 9001 training or learning programme? Let us help you. NBN can come to your office to assess your organisation’s training needs together and then compile a personalised programme. You can then choose the location, time and language of the programme(s).

Wish to know more? Contact us via or +32 2 738 01 11.