ISO 9001: trainings and learning programme on quality management

Quality management and ISO 9001 go hand in hand. The internationally praised management standard has become an indispensable framework for numerous organisations. Why? Over the last couple of years, ISO 9001 has evolved into a standard that helps in shaping your entire organisational policy: from evaluating risks to customer and employee satisfaction to creating sustainable processes.

A customised training offering

Do you want to quickly master ISO 9001 as a starting quality manager? Or do you want to deepen your current expertise? The NBN Academy has the perfect formula for you, at a central location or at your office.

Why choose the NBN Academy?

  • As the only Belgian member of ISO and CEN, NBN is at the source for everything concerning standards. That way, you will always be the first to know about new developments.
  • The trainers at the NBN Academy are experienced experts. In addition, they are active in standard committees for management standards, which means they share first-hand knowledge.


Getting started with ISO 9001? Follow a basic training or learning programme

If you are not yet fully familiar with the international standard for quality management, the NBN Academy offers you two options:

1. Basic training ISO 9001

During this 2-day training course, you learn what the standards is all about, what the implementation of ISO 9001 would mean for your organisation and how to prepare for this.

2. Learning programme ISO 9001

This is the best way to become a quality specialist with NBN certificate in just 6 months. During that period, you follow 3 trainings on ISO 9001:

  • Basic training ISO 9001: during this 2-day training course, you learn what the standard is all about, what the implementation of ISO 9001 would mean for your organisation and how to prepare for this.
  • Internal audit training ISO 9001: the standard requires you to conduct regular internal audits in order to constantly evaluate your quality management system. This is done by means of ISO 19011, the worldwide reference for auditing management systems. After these training days, you’ll be able to independently conduct internal audits in your organisation.
  • Advanced lead auditor training ISO 9001: during our Lead Assessor course, you learn how to assess if a quality management system complies with all the requirements in ISO 9001:2015. Also, the role of a lead auditor, the audit preparation and the audit reporting will be extensively discussed.

Your 4 benefits:

  • Invaluable expertise and know-how: the trainers at the NBN Academy participate in standard committees and have loads of practical experience. Extra bonus: you can share your knowledge and experience with other professionals in the learning programme.
  • Maximum impact: taking part in these training courses will enable you to give quality management within your organisation a massive boost after just six months. Theory and practice are intertwined in this programme.
  • Certificate to mark your hard work: the NBN certificate is a proof that you have achieved the learning objectives of the various training courses. In other words, an extra trump card for your professional career.
  • 15% discount: if you choose to combine several training courses in a learning programme, NBN offers you a discount of 15% on your enrolment fees.

Do you wish to expand your expertise on ISO 9001? Follow an advanced audit training, master class or learning programme!

If you already have some prior knowledge of ISO 9001 and quality management, then this training offering is perfect for you:

1. ISO 9001:2015 – conducting internal audits with ISO 19011

A solid quality management system requires regular audits. ISO 19011 helps you to conduct internal and external audits of management systems.

2. ISO 9001 - Quality Management Systems Lead Auditor

In this training, you discover which steps a lead auditor has to follow when assessing a quality management system for compliance with ISO 9001:2015.

3. Masterclass QHSE-managers

This 2-day master class is ideal for QHSE managers who want to become business partners. The training course allows you to develop skills (presenting, advising, influencing, facilitating) that you need in your changing role as QHSE manager.

4. Learning programme ISO 9001

The learning programme consists of 3 trainings: a basic training, a training on internal audits and an advanced Lead Auditor training. You receive a 15% discount upon enrolling in this programme. Moreover, at the end of the programme, you’ll be awarded an NBN certificate.

Good to know: if you wish to have an extended programme, you can also enrol for the optional master class for QHSE managers.

ISO 9001 at your office? Request an in-company training or learning programme

If you are looking for an efficient solution to offer several employees a training or learning programme on ISO 9001 at the same time, the NBN Academy will come to you. Together, we’ll map the needs of your organisation and then create a personalised program. You choose the location, the time and the language of the training(s).

Wish to know more? Contact us via or +32 2 738 01 11.