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The NBN Academy: in-house training tailored to you

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Are there several employees from your organisation who require the same training? In this case, in-house training provided by the NBN Academy is the ideal solution. We can identify the training needs of your organisation and put together a personalised programme based on those needs.

In-house training offers numerous benefits:

  • Tailored: the training course is based on the requirements of your organisation. As a result, employees are able to rapidly apply their new knowledge.
  • Interactive: specific exercises and practical examples from your company or sector will ensure a higher level of interaction and commitment from your employees.
  • Lower costs: group training courses are cheaper than individual training courses. There are no travel expenses to pay.
  • Flexible: you choose the location, time and language of the training (Dutch, French or English) yourself.
  • Efficient: because only in-house staff attend, no time is lost due to questions from other parties. The training focusses solely on your company.


Want to find out more? 

Contact us for a customised quotation at or call +32 2 738 01 11.



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