ISO management standards: strengthen your expertise with the NBN Academy

The NBN Academy offers training sessions on management standards and themes such as quality, safety, environment, sustainability, information security and more. As the only Belgian member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the NBN informs you of new and changed management standards via the NBN Academy. We help you sharpen and update your skills, giving you the knowledge to take your company or organisation to a higher level.

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Why ISO management standards?

ISO management standards help companies and organisations optimize their activities, processes and methods in different domains. To this end, management standards cover a range of themes: from quality and risk management to safety, the environment and sustainability, information security and facility management.

But rolling out standards also brings practical challenges. In this leap from theory to practice, the open and in-house training courses of the NBN Academy prove their worth.

The NBN Academy courses at a glance

In the first half of 2019, the NBN Academy is offering these courses, among others:


Quality Masterclass

Get advice on the interpretation and application of international quality management systems. Top experts explain how to set up a sustainable, integrated, well-oiled care system with ISO 9001 and related standards (e.g. ISO 9004, 19011, 26000 and 31000).


ISO 9001 Lead Auditor - Quality management

How do you rate a quality management system? After this five-day training class, you will be well armed to take on the role of lead auditor regarding compliance with the ISO 9001 standard. Prepare yourself for an intensive training session in which you will be provided with all the tools and methods you need to evaluate the conformity of a quality management system down to the last detail.


ISO 14001 Lead Auditor - Environmental management

This intensive five-day training course focusses on the role and expertise of the lead auditor in assessing environmental management systems, using the ISO 14001 standard as a guideline. As a participant, you will be given the necessary tools and methods to evaluate the conformity of an environmental management system down to the last detail.


ISO 31000 Masterclass - Risk management

Discover the novelties of ISO 31000 and learn how to take your risk management to a new level. Share your own risk management experiences and be inspired by the best practices of others during this three-day course.


ISO 45001 Masterclass - Health & Safety management

During this two-day masterclass, you will learn how to develop and apply a PDCA framework in an ISO 45001 management system. Discover the benefits of an efficient management system for safety and health at work and evaluate the current status of your organization.


ISO 55001 Masterclass - Asset management

What are the most important steps in implementing an effective and efficient asset management system according to ISO 55001? How can you integrate these steps into other management systems? You will discover the answers to these questions and more during this two-day masterclass.


ISO 56002 Masterclass - Innovation management

During this two-day seminar, international experts - who led the development of ISO 56002 - will show you the latest standard for innovation management. As specialists in the field, they explain how a formal approach helps your company or organisation steer innovation in the right direction.



More info?

The courses of the NBN Academy are available as open sessions (held on fixed dates at various locations within the country) but also as in-house training: upon request, we are happy to come to your organisation to immerse you and your colleagues into the ISO management standard most relevant to you. Contact us for more information.