Technical regulations for authorities: the usefulness of standards

As a policy-maker, you will often have to spend long periods of time determining technical requirements for new or updated regulations. There’s a way you can do that more efficiently! Technical requirements from existing standards not only enable you to gain time but also to be certain that the content has a broad support base. 


How do you incorporate standards in technical regulations?

In order to help you, we have put all the guidelines together in one handy guide. It not only tells you how you can use references to standards but also provides answers to more general queries regarding standards. The guide explains: 

  • how standards are developed; 

  • what standards there are; 

  • the difference between standards and regulations; 

  • the advantages and disadvantages of (in)direct references to standards; 

  • how to insert a mandatory or non-binding reference to a standard. 

So you can be well-prepared when you describe regulations and enjoy the many benefits on offer. 


Want to get started?

Download our free practical guide entitled ‘Referring to standards in technical regulations’


The 5 main benefits of standards in regulations:

  1. Greater efficiency – you can draw on the expertise of standards committees when faced with difficult technical questions.  
  2. Lower costs – if a standard fits in well with the intended regulation, a simple reference can save you a great deal of time and money.  
  3. Consensus – thanks to the open and transparent standardisation process, standards are widely accepted by the market. 
  4. Internationalisation – incorporating European and ISO standards in regulations will give you an additional advantage in cross-border trade. 
  5. Up-to-date – because standards are revised every 5 years, they are automatically kept up-to-date with the latest technological developments. 


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