Something about European Sizing

Jeudi, 14 juin, 2018 - 10:30 - 15:00

Creamoda Belgium, Leliegaarde 22, 1731 Zellik

powered by Creamoda & Modint
in cooperation with NBN, NEN & Alvanon

Some history

In the mid-fifties, the U.S. Department of Agriculture hired statisticians to analyse the body measurements of thousands of American women. In 1958, the first standardised women’s size guidelines for the apparel market were issued.
However, in later years these standardised guidelines were abandoned and the industry was exposed to problems like multiple different sizing systems, vanity sizing,…

Standards to the rescue

The need for a clear apparel size indication motivated different stakeholders in different countries (in Europe and also abroad) to work together and develop standards about body measurement procedures, dimensioning and size labelling. This will result in conformity in the industry and in a clear size indication for consumers, in the shop and especially for online sales.

Learn more about it - Join the event “Something about European Sizing”

Creamoda in Belgium and Modint in the Netherlands are joining forces and organize, in cooperation with NBN, NEN and Alvanon, a seminar on size designation of clothes.
During the seminar, you will learn  more about:
  • The brand new European standard EN 13402 on size designation of clothes 
  • The link with the international standard ISO 8559
  • How the size designation standard reduces the return rate and helps the industry (and you!) in saving:
    • money
    • time
    • and CO2
  • How to measure including a self-measuring demonstration
  • Alvanon’s view on size indication
  • Industry company testimonials about standard implementation


10:30-11:00Registration with welcome coffee 
11:00-11:15Welcome and introduction by Creamoda and Modint
Nienke Steen - Senior Consultant Corporate Responsibility, Modint
Jo Van Landeghem - Quality, Safety & Sustainability Officer, Creamoda
11:15-11:30Standards in action: Create – Use – Learn – ShareEllen Bartholomeeusen - Communication & Marketing Manager, NBN
The standard EN 13402 part 1-2-3 explained
  • EN 13402-1: Terms, definitions and body measurement procedure 
  • EN 13402-2: Primary and secondary dimensions
  • EN 13402-3: Size labelling based on body measurements and intervals
Nienke Steen
Jo Van Landeghem
12:15-13:00Time for lunch 
13:00-13:15Something about workwear & the standard ISO 8559 part 1-2Jo Van Landeghem
13:15-14:00Innovative fit solutionsDavid Thery - Regional Director North Europe, Alvanon
14:00-14:30How to work with the standard and making correct patternsMartine Van Dam - Teacher VDAB
14:30-15:00Working with measurements charts in factoriesBenoit Aubet - CEO AQM
15:00Closure & Networking drink 

When and where

Thursday, 14 June 2018
10:30-15:00 hrs
Creamoda Belgium, Leliegaarde 22, 1731 Zellik


Registration fees:
  • Creamoda members: free of charge (up to 2 participants free of charge/company)
  • Non-members: €75/person (excl. VAT)


Do you want to get started with these standards?

Visit the NBN e-shop and buy the standards.
Participants at the event will have the opportunity to buy the package EN 13402 part 1-2-3 (in English or French) for the package price of €75.

More info

Contact Kristof Willems via or call us at +32 2 300 78 68.