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Become an expert in cargo securing and transport packaging

As a safety supervisor or logistics manager, flawless cargo securing and transport packaging are your main priorities to ensure safety during loading, discharge and on the road. To achieve this, everyone involved in these tasks needs to be up to date on safety regulations and standards.

That is why the NBN joins forces with Leuven University and the European Safe Logistics Association (EUMOS) in organising an in-depth training session that provides you with the basic insights you need to become a EUMOS-qualified expert.


Why take part?

The class involves both a theoretical and practical learning approach concerning the safe loading, stowing and securing of goods. Passing the exam (optional) guarantees you proficiency in the most important standards of cargo securing and transport packaging. You will be recognized as an official EUMOS-qualified expert, and your name will be listed on the EUMOS website.


Who can participate?

The training is applicable to anyone willing to become a EUMOS-qualified expert in cargo securing and transport packaging, such as:

  • logistics managers
  • packaging managers & designers
  • safety supervisors
  • cargo security trainers (code 95) and controllers
  • lawyers
  • police inspectors



This programme focusses on cargo securing for normal road transport in vehicles with a maximum allowed mass of between 3.5 tonnes and 44 tonnes, for transport on vessels on inland waterways and by sea, and for rail transport.

The master class and examination are held in Dutch and focus on the content, interpretation and practical application of the following standards: EN12195-1, EN12195-2, EN12195-3, EN12195-4, EN12640, EN12641-1 and 2, EN12642, EUMOS 40509, EUMOS 40511 and ISO 1496.

Participants to the master class will be able to consult the above-mentioned standards for examination purposes only. An extra fee of 250€ will be charged for the examination on June 14th 2018, including temporary access to the related standards.


For more information about the requirements to become a EUMOS-qualified expert, review the EUMOS 40607-1 standard. Want to know more about the programme of this master class? Get in touch with Jeroen Vanlerberghe at Academy@nbn.be or call us at 02 738 01 11.

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