Standard ASTM C0844-99

Standard Specification for Application of Gypsum Base to Receive Gypsum Veneer Plaster
Publication date
91.100.10 Cement. Gypsum. Lime. Mortar
Summary :

1.1 This specification covers the minimum requirements for, and methods of, application of gypsum veneer base for gypsum veneer plasters.

Note 1-Gypsum veneer base shall not be used as a base for direct adhesive application of ceramic, metal, or plastic tile in areas exposed to abnormal moisture or humidity or temperature.

1.2 Where a specific degree of fire resistance is required for gypsum base and veneer plaster systems, a special resistant base may be required. Details of constructions to achieve the required fire resistance may be obtained from official reports of fire tests conducted at recognized fire testing laboratories in accordance with Test Methods E119.

1.3 Where a specific degree of sound control is required for veneer plaster assemblies and constructions, details of construction shall be in accordance with official reports of tests conducted in recognized sound testing laboratories in accordance with the applicable sound tests, Test Method C423, Test Method E90, or Test Method E492.

1.4 Where this specification is more stringent (size or thickness of framing; spacing of fastener
s) than the fire-rated construction, this specification shall govern; otherwise, the construction described in the fire test report shall govern.

1.5 Unheated spaces above gypsum veneer base ceilings shall be properly ventilated (see Appendix X3).

1.6 General Information -The Appendixes give general information and also suggestions for inclusions to be made elsewhere by the specifier and are not a part of this specification. The work shall be properly coordinated with the work of other trades.

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