Standard ASTM C1592-04

Standard Guide for Nondestructive Assay Measurements
Publication date
27.120.30 Fissile materials
Summary :

1.1 This guide is a compendium of Good Practices for performing measurements of radioactive material using nondestructive assay (NDA) instruments. The primary purpose of the guide is to assist its users in arriving at quality NDA results, that is, results that satisfy the end users needs. This is accomplished by providing an acceptable and uniform basis for the collection, analysis, comparison, and application of data. The recommendations are not compulsory or pre requisites to achieving quality NDA measurements, but are considered contributory in most areas.

1.2 This guide applies to the use of NDA instrumentation for the measurement of nuclear materials by the observation of spontaneous or stimulated nuclear radiations, including photons, neutrons, or the flow of heat. Recommended calibration, operating, and assurance methods represent guiding principles based on current NDA technology. The diversity of industry-wide nuclear materials measurement applications and instrumentation precludes discussion of specific measurement situations. As a result, compliance with practices recommended in this guide must be based on a thorough understanding of contributing variables and performance requirements of the specific measurement application.

1.3 Selection of the best instrument for a given measurement application and advice on the use of this instrument must be provided by a qualified NDA professional following guidance provided in Guide C 1490. This guide is to be used as a reference, and to supplement the critical thinking, professional skill, expert judgement, and experimental test and verification needed to ensure that the instrumentation and methods have been properly implemented.

1.4 The intended audience for this guide includes but is not limited to Management, Auditor Support, NDA Qualified Instrument Operators, NDA Technical Specialists, and NDA Professionals.

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