Standard CEN ISO/TS 17573-3:2021

Electronic fee collection - System architecture for vehicle-related tolling - Part 3: Data dictionary (ISO/TS 17573-3:2021)
Publication date
03.220.20 Road transport 35.240.60 IT applications in transport and trade
Summary :
This document specifies the syntax and semantics of data objects in the field of electronic fee collection (EFC). The definitions of data types and assignment of values are provided in accordance with the abstract syntax notation one (ASN.1) technique, as specified in ISO/IEC 8824‑1. This document defines: —    ASN.1 (dat
a) types within the fields of EFC; —    ASN.1 (dat
a) types of a more general use that are used more specifically in standards related to EFC. This document does not seek to define ASN.1 (dat
a) types that are primarily related to other fields that operate in conjunction with EFC, such as cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS), the financial sector, etc.
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