Standard CEN/TR 16798-2:2019

Energy performance of buildings - Ventilation for buildings - Part 2: Interpretation of the requirements in EN 16798-1 - Indoor environmental input parameters for design and assessment of energy performance of buildings addressing indoor air quality, thermal environment, lighting and acoustics (Module M1-6)
Publication date
91.120.10 Thermal insulation 91.140.01 Installations in buildings in general
Summary :
This document deals with the indoor environmental parameters for thermal environment, indoor air quality, lighting and acoustic. The document explains how to use EN 16798-1 for specifying indoor environmental input parameters for building system design and energy performance calculations. The document specifies methods for long term evaluation of the indoor environment obtained as a result of calculations or measurements. The document specifies criteria for measurements which can be used if required to measure compliance by inspection. The Document identifies parameters to be used by monitoring and displaying the indoor environment in existing buildings. This document is applicable where the criteria for indoor environment are set by human occupancy and where the production or process does not have a major impact on indoor environment. The document explains how different categories of criteria for the indoor environment can be used.
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