Standard CEN/TS 16555-1:2013

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Innovation Management - Part 1: Innovation Management System
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03.100.40 Research and development 03.100.50 Production. Production management 03.100.70 Management systems
Summary :
This Technical Specification provides guidance on establishing and maintaining an innovation management system (IMS). It is applicable to all public and private organisations regardless of sector, type or size. This document provides guidance on: - understanding the context of the organisation; - establishing the leadership and commitment of top management; - planning for innovation success; - identifying and fostering innovation enablers/driving factors; - developing the innovation management process; - evaluating and improving the performance of the innovation management system; - understanding and using innovation management techniques. By using this document, organisations can increase their awareness of the value of an IMS, establish such a system, expand their capacity for innovation, and ultimately generate more value for the organisation and its interested parties. NOTE The innovation management system outlined in this document follows the PDCA structure (plan-do-check-ac
t), so it can be integrated within other standardised business management systems existing in the organisations, e.g. EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001, etc.
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