Standard CWA 17025-105:2016

Business Interoperability Interfaces for Public Procurement in Europe - Architecture - Part 105: Conformance Registry specification
Publication date
03.100.10 Purchasing. Procurement. Management of stock 35.240.20 IT applications in office work 35.240.63 IT applications in trade
Summary :
Standards, especially in the area of common semantics and re-usable data models, foster interoperability in solutions that address business and government requirements for information exchange, thereby enabling greater effectiveness and efficiency in trade facilitation and electronic business. The document will outline the goals, requirements and methodology which will:  Specify ways in which end users can identify and declare conformance with standards/specifications in order to foster interoperability,  Discuss how self-conformance statements can be made publically available to improve transparency in the use of BII specifications. This report focuses on conformance in run-time, i.e. how well a specific implementation and its supporting documents such as sub sets and implementation guides conform to BII specifications once developed. Design-time conformance, the tools and software used for the implementation or design of the supporting documents, is out of scope and covered in other BII Architecture. Conformance in run time follows conformance in design time, so in that sense the tools and methodologies are proven as well.
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