Standard CWA 17357:2019

Urban search and rescue (USaR) robotic platform technical and procedural interoperability - Guide
Publication date
13.200 Accident and disaster control 25.040.30 Industrial robots. Manipulators
Summary :
This CWA provides recommendations to enable interoperability between urban search and rescue (USaR) robotic platforms and the equipment, sensors and tools that are attached to them. This CWA also provides guidance on the principles for enabling USaR robotic platforms to operate in all ground search environments. In this way a generic platform can be adapted, designed and built for any possible search and rescue (SAR) scenario on the ground. The CWA also covers sensors and equipment developed for SAR purposes. The CWA is for use by organizations responsible for designing, manufacturing, configuring, customizing and maintaining USaR robotic platforms, tools, equipment and sensors. The CWA is also for use by integrators and providers of SAR platforms in general. The CWA is of interest to first responder organizations, operators, public authorities and end-users dealing with USaR mission organization and execution. The CWA is also of interest in the procurement of USaR platforms
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