Standard ASTM E0185-98

Standard Practice for Conducting Surveillance Tests for Light-Water Cooled Nuclear Power Reactor Vessels, E706 (IF)
Publication date
27.120.10 Reactor engineering
Summary :

1.1 This practice covers procedures for monitoring the radiation-induced changes in the mechanical properties of ferritic materials in the beltline of light-water cooled nuclear power reactor vessels. This practice includes guidelines for designing a minimum surveillance program, selecting materials, and evaluating test results.

1.2 This practice was developed for all light-water cooled nuclear power reactor vessels for which the predicted maximum neutron fluence ( > 1 MeV) at the end of the design lifetime exceeds 1 X 10 17 n/cm (1 X 10 21 n/m ) at the inside surface of the reactor vessel.

1.3 This practice does not provide procedures for monitoring the radiation induced changes in properties beyond the design life, but the procedure described may provide guidance for developing such a surveillance program.

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