Standard ASTM E2057-10R15

Standard Specifications for Preparation of Laboratory Analysis Requests in Sexual Assault Investigations
Publication date
13.310 Protection against crime
Summary :

1.1 These specifications describe the basic elements of a request for the scientific examination of physical evidence collected in the investigation of a sexual assault. These specifications are designed to be used in conjunction with other specifications, guides, and practices associated with sexual assault examinations that are listed in Section 2.

1.2 These specifications outline considerations that will facilitate the analysis of sexual assault evidence by a potentially large group of forensic experts. These experts can include, but are not limited to, serologists, toxicologists, pathologists, odontologists, latent print examiners, firearm and toolmark examiners, and trace materials analysts. The success of their combined work generally requires a clear understanding of the issues and relationships involved in the case.

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