Standard EUMOS 40674:2021

European Cargo Safety Cards - Minimum Requirements
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Summary :
The objective of this standard is to define minimum requirements that European Cargo Safety Cards must meet when they are delivered to the parties involved in operations of loading, unloading or transport. The minimum requirements are valid both as recommendations and/or guidelines. The European Cargo Safety Card is a document of great importance in transport safety. On the one hand, it collects the technical knowledge and experience of qualified internal or external experts on the best practices to be carried out for stowage of certain loads. Firstly, it includes binding contractual provisions filling in for the regulatory and standardization gaps existing on a European level in this field. These binding contractual provisions - covering the chain of responsibility corresponding to each of the parties involved - are complemented by legal provisions regarding the application of the inspection system, European harmonization and establishing of unique set of criteria for the application of Directive 2014/47/EU Annex III about Cargo Securing. It also collects other information such as calculations or matters of interest to carry out operational and practical stowage in accordance with legal and contractual obligations. The document allows transferring additional information and calculations in a visually simplistic manner. This allows all parties involved in stowage operations to access relevant data without having prior knowledge to the implications or events that may arise as a result of this process. The European cargo safety cards facilitate: - Roadside inspection carried out by the relevant authorities, - Assistance in training personnel in private companies dealing with cargo securing, - Risk evaluation and reporting, - Stowage agreements between the parties, - Drawing up stowage recommendations or guidelines, - Additional health and safety indicators in the workplace. The objective of this standard is the unification of minimum criteria for developing European Cargo Safety Cards to help promote and facilitate the understanding of the different formats that may be drawn up in the future.
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