Standard NBN EN 10219-2:2019

Cold formed welded steel structural hollow sections - Part 2: Tolerances, dimensions and sectional properties
Publication date
77.140.75 Steel pipes and tubes for specific use
Summary :
This document specifies tolerances for cold formed welded circular, square, rectangular and elliptical structural hollow sections, manufactured in wall thicknesses up to 40 mm, in the following size ranges: - circular: Outside diameters up to 2 500 mm; - square: Outside dimensions up to 500 mm × 500 mm; - rectangular: Outside dimensions up to 500 mm × 300 mm; - elliptical: Outside dimensions up to 480 mm × 240 mm. The formulae for calculating sectional properties of sections manufactured to the dimensional tolerances of this standard, to be used for the purposes of structural design, are given in Annex A. Dimensions and sectional properties for a limited range of more common sizes are given in Annex B. NOTE The designation of the sections' major axis (y
y) and minor axis (z
z) aligns with the axis designation used for structural design in the structural Eurocodes.
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