Standard NBN EN 113-2 : 2021

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Durability of wood and wood-based products - Test method against wood destroying basidiomycetes - Part 2: Assessment of inherent or enhanced durability
Publication date
71.100.50 Wood-protecting chemicals
Summary :
This document specifies a method of test for determining the natural durability of a timber against wood-destroying basidiomycetes cultured on a malt extract agar medium. The method is applicable to all timber species. Furthermore this method can be used to test modified wood. The test method described in this document can be applied to specific wood species, commercial supplies of sawn timber, wood-based materials, wood treated with preservatives and modified wood, both thermally and chemically modified wood. However, this document is not intended to determine the effectiveness of wood preservatives used to prevent decay. NOTE 1 Determining the efficacy of wood preservatives used to prevent decay is the scope of EN 113-1. However, in addition to this and with some amendments, it might also be possible in some cases to test treated wood using the method described here. NOTE 2 This method can be used in conjunction with an ageing procedure, for example EN 73 or EN 84. Annex A (informativ
e) contains a guidance on sampling. Annex B (normativ
e) contains some methods of sterilization. Annex C (informativ
e) contains information on the culture vessels. Annex D (informativ
e) contains an example of a test report. Annex E (informativ
e) contains information on the test fungi. Annex F (informativ
e) contains the assessment of the results.
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