Standard NBN EN 12549:1999

Acoustics - Noise test code for fastener driving tools - Engineering method
Publication date
Replaced by
17.140.20 Noise emitted by machines and equipment 25.140.99 Other hand-held tools
Summary :
This standard applies to fastener driving tools. The noise created by fastener driving tools directly affecting the surrounding environment (noise emissio
n) should calculated in a uniform procedure enabling comparison of the final results. This standard contains provisions concerning the execution of the measurement of airborne noise in the vicinity of fastener driving tools and the measurement of emission sound pressure levels at the work station under defined operating conditions. The determination of the noise emission levels of fastener driving tools in accordance with this standard is valid for all actuating systems in accordance with EN 792-13. The results can be used to compare the noise emissions of different fastener driving tools. NOTE: The special conditions at the work place (e.g. shape and foundation of the workpiece, quantity and frequency of the driving processe
s) can influence the noise emission to an important degree.
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