Standard NBN EN 13829 : 2001

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Thermal performance of buildings - Determination of air permeability of buildings - Fan pressurization method (ISO 9972:1996, modified)
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91.120.10 Thermal insulation
Summary :
This standard is intended for the measurement of the air permeability of buildings or parts of buildings in the field. It specifies the use of mechanical pressurization or depressurization of a building or part of a building. It describes the measurement of the resulting air flow rates over a range of indoor- outdoor static pressure differences. This standard is intended for the measurement of the air leakage of building envelopes of single-zone buildings. For the purpose of this standard, many multi-zone buildings can be treated as single-zone buildings by opening interior doors or by inducing equal pressures in adjacent zones. It does not address evaluation of air permeability through individual components.
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