Standard NBN EN 14232:2009

Advanced technical ceramics - Terms, definitions and abbreviations
Publication date
01.040.81 Glass and ceramics industries (Vocabularies) 81.060.30 Advanced ceramics
Summary :
This document is a vocabulary which provides a list of terms and associated definitions which are typically used for advanced technical ceramic materials, products, applications, properties and processes. The document contains, in separate lists, those abbreviations which have found general acceptance in scientific and technical literature; they are given together with the corresponding terms and definitions or descriptions. NOTE 1 This document does not include terms which, though used in the field of advanced technical ceramics, are of a more general nature and are also well known in other fields of technology. NOTE 2 A list of some European Standards, European Prestandards and Draft European Standards of CEN Technical Committee 184 “Advanced technical ceramics” containing terms defined in this document, is given in the Bibliography.
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