Standard NBN EN 14730-2:2021

Railway applications - Track - Aluminothermic welding of rails - Part 2: Qualification of aluminothermic welders, approval of contractors and acceptance of welds
Publication date
25.160.01 Welding, brazing and soldering in general 25.160.10 Welding processes 93.100 Construction of railways
Summary :
This document specifies requirements for the: - approval of training facilities, testing and maintaining the skills of aluminothermic welders and welding trainers. It applies to those aluminothermic welding processes compliant with the requirements of EN 14730-1. It requires that the system for training and testing of welders be approved by the railway authority; - approval of aluminothermic welding contractors. It applies to those contractors using aluminothermic welding processes compliant with the requirements of EN 14730-1 and who employ welders in the possession of a valid permit to weld as defined in Clause 4 of this document; - acceptance of the final aluminothermic weld inspections and aluminothermic weld inspectors approved by the railway authority. It does not cover any previous weld inspections by the welder or others. This document also applies to aluminothermic welds produced on railway rails as contained in EN 13674-1 to EN 13674-4 and EN 16771.
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