Standard NBN EN 15202:2020

LPG equipment and accessories - Essential operational dimensions for LPG cylinder valve outlet and associated equipment connections
Publication date
23.060.40 Pressure regulators
Summary :
This document specifies basic connection dimensions of LPG cylinder valves (manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 14245 and EN ISO 15995) and connectors (including pressure regulator
s) to enable them to be safely connected together. NOTE 1 Figure 1 (type G.1) to Figure 19 (type G.33) give the types of threaded outlet connections. NOTE 2 Figure 20 (type G.50) to Figure 34 (type G.66) give the types of non-threaded outlet connections. This document lists potentially unsafe connections where it might be possible to connect together, but which, when connected, might not be sound or secure in some operating conditions or orientations. This document specifies a marking system that is intended to ensure that only valves and connecters that are marked with the same connector type number are used in combination. This document also recommends tightening torques for the attachment of screwed metal-to-metal connections. Quality assurance systems, production testing and particularly certificates of conformity are not covered in this document. This document excludes connections for automotive vehicles covered by UN/ECE Regulation No. 67 Part 1 and EN 13760. This document excludes connections for gas cartridges covered by EN 417.
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