Standard NBN EN 15269-20:2020

Extended application of test results for fire resistance and/or smoke control for door, shutter and openable window assemblies, including their elements of building hardware - Part 20: Smoke control for doors, shutters, operable fabric curtains and openable windows
Publication date
13.220.50 Fire-resistance of building materials and elements 91.060.50 Doors and windows
Summary :
This document, which is intended to be read in conjunction with EN 15269 1, covers doors, shutters, openable windows and fabric curtains of any material and of the following types: - hinged and pivoted (e.g. metal, timber, framed glaze
d) doors and openable windows of single or double leaf (Table A.1); - horizontally and vertically moving steel sliding doors of single or double leaf with and without pass doors, including telescopic doorsets (Table A.2); - metal rolling shutters and operable fabric curtains (excluding overlapping system
s) (Table A.3). The following construction products are not covered by this standard: - unframed glass doors and openable windows; - sectional doors (including stacking door
s); - vertically and horizontally folding doors; - horizontally and vertically moving timber sliding doors; - horizontally and vertically moving framed sliding doors (metal or timbe
r). In this document, whenever doors are mentioned, the whole range of doors, shutters, openable windows and operable fabric curtains is included or otherwise mentioned. This document prescribes the methodology for extending the application of test results obtained from test(
s) conducted in accordance with EN 1634 3. Subject to the completion of the appropriate test or tests, the extended application can cover all or some of the following examples: - Ambient Temperature Smoke Control (S
a) and Medium Temperature Smoke Control (S200) classifications; - leaf/leaves; - wall/ceiling fixed elements; - glazed elements, louvres and/or vents; - side, transom or overpanels; - items of building hardware; - decorative finishes; - intumescent, smoke, draught or acoustic seals; - alternative supporting construction(
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