Standard NBN EN 16727-2-1:2018

Railway applications - Track - Noise barriers and related devices acting on airborne sound propagation - Non-acoustic performance - Part 2-1: Mechanical performance under dynamic loadings due to passing trains - Resistance to fatigue
Publication date
93.100 Construction of railways
Summary :
This document describes the basic requirements for the verification of ultimate and serviceability limit states and the resistance to fatigue either of the noise barrier or its components by means of analytical methods and/or tests. Analytical methods can be used for the determination of the characteristic values and design values. Where sufficient information is not available, the analytical procedure can be combined with results from tests. This document provides the following types of test procedures: - test on small samples for defining detail categories, which may not be covered by Eurocodes (verification procedure A); - test on a global element for defining the limit state against fatigue (verification procedure B); - full scale tests under a given representative loading (verification procedure C) to determine fatigue resistance of the noise barrier components for defined loading conditions; verification procedure C is given as alternative to verification procedures A and B.
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