Standard NBN EN 1677-1:2000

Components for slings - Safety - Part 1: Forged steel components, Grade 8
Publication date
Replaced by
53.020.30 Accessories for lifting equipment
Summary :
This Part of EN 1677 specifies general requirements for forged steel components of grade 8 up to 63 t WLL, mainly for use in: - chain slings according to EN 818-4; - steel wire rope slings according to prEN 13414-1:1999; - textile slings according to EN 1492-1:2000, EN 1492-2:2000 intended for lifting objects, materials or goods. This standard does not apply to hand forged components and welded links, nor to other welded components. The hazards covered by this Part of EN 1677 are identified in clause 4. Annex A is informative, and gives the bases for calculation of tabulated values of mechanical properties. Annex B is informative, and gives an example of a designation system for forged steel lifting components of grade 8. Annex ZA gives the relationship with EU-Directives
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