Standard NBN EN 16803-3:2020

Space - Use of GNSS-based positioning for road Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) - Part 3: Assessment of security performances of GNSS-based positioning terminals
Publication date
03.220.20 Road transport 33.060.30 Radio relay and fixed satellite communications systems 35.240.60 IT applications in transport and trade
Summary :
This document shall be considered as a complementary standard to EN 16803-2 that is intended to assessment of the performances of a GBPT placed in real-life or simulated road environments. This document is instead specifically targeting security attacks such as interferences, jamming, meaconing or spoofing. This document cannot be applied independently from EN 16803-2 that describes in details the general methodology of the assessment procedure. This document provides normative information necessary to replay in the lab standardized scenarios specifically dedicated to security tests applied to GNSS. Depending on the case (jamming or spoofin
g), these scenarios are composed of data sets combining either real life recorded SIS and jamming signals or simulated SIS and spoofing signals. The reason for that will be explained in Clause 6. Although a high-level categorization of GNSS attacks is given in Annex A, a comprehensive and detailed categorization of possible GNSS attacks is out of the scope of this document. It is not the aim of this EN to standardize the record procedure neither to define the specific requirements for the generation of the attack scenarios. The record procedure itself and its quality framework for accredited GNSS-specialized laboratories (Lab-A), with the detailed definition of standardized attack scenarios, will be totally and precisely described in EN 16803-4 (under preparatio
n). The list of attack scenarios will have to be regularly updated considering the evolution of GNSS technologies, emerging threats, and countermeasures.
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