Standard NBN EN 17020-4:2021

Extended application of test results on durability of self-closing for doorsets and openable windows - Part 4: Durability of self-closing of fire resistance and/or smoke control hinged and pivoted metal framed glazed doorsets and openable windows
Publication date
13.220.50 Fire-resistance of building materials and elements 91.060.50 Doors and windows
Summary :
This document is applicable to single and double leaf, hinged and pivoted metal framed, glazed doorsets or openable windows as covered by EN 15269 5 or EN 15269 20. This document prescribes the methodology for extending the application of test results obtained from durability of self-closing test(
s) conducted in accordance with EN 1191. Subject to the completion of the appropriate self-closing test(
s), the extended application can cover all or some of the following non-exhaustive list: - doorsets and openable windows; - door or window leaves; - wall or ceiling fixed elements (frame or suspension syste
m); - glazing and non-glazed panels in doorset and openable window, side, transom and/or overpanels; - items of building hardware; - decorative finishes; - intumescent, smoke, draught or acoustic seals; - alternative supporting construction(
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