Standard NBN EN 17389:2020

Stationary source emissions - Quality assurance and quality control procedures for automated dust arrestment plant monitors
Publication date
13.040.40 Stationary source emissions
Summary :
This document specifies the quality assurance and quality control procedures related to automated dust arrestment plant monitors. This document applies to two types of instruments commonly used for dust arrestment plant control purposes: - filter dust monitors that are configured in mass concentration units (e.g. mg/m3) and are used for dust arrestment control purposes; - filter leakage monitors that indicate a change in the emission levels or a change in the magnitude of the dust pulses created by the cleaning process of the dust arrestment plant. This document applies to instruments certified according to the requirements of EN 15859. This document provides information on the configuration, ongoing quality assurance (with automatic internal zero point and reference point check
s) and annual surveillance tests of instruments. This ensures that the instrument is providing information to demonstrate that the dust arrestment plant is working correctly and controlling dust pollution to the required levels. The configuration of the alarm levels of filter dust monitors is performed by parallel measurements with the standard reference method in EN 13284 1. This document specifies the set-up of filter leakage monitors used to monitor a change in response caused by deterioration in the operation of the dust arrestment plant.
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