Standard NBN EN 17476:2021

Specifications for dedicated liquefied petroleum gas appliances - LPG vapour pressure appliances incorporating a horizontal cartridge in the chassis
Publication date
23.020.35 Gas cylinders
Summary :
This document specifies the construction characteristics, performances and marking related to safety and the rational use of energy of portable, flat gas appliances directly supplied at the LPG vapour pressure, incorporating a gas cartridge complying with EN 417:2012, inserted horizontally in the chassis. NOTE 1 These appliances are referred to in the body of the text as “appliances”. This document covers appliances for outdoor or in well ventilated areas uses only. This document does not cover appliances supplied by an external gas source. For example, the following types of appliances are covered:
a) cooking appliances (stoves, barbecue
b) heating appliances. This document specifies the requirements applicable to these appliances or their functional sections whether or not the latter are independent or incorporated into an assembly. Appliances covered by this document are not connected to a flue for the discharge of products of combustion and are not connected to the mains electricity supply. This document covers neither appliances supplied with LPG in the liquid phase nor appliance with fixed integral container which could be refilled by the user. This document does not cover appliances of direct pressure propane category. Requirements for rational use of energy have been considered for stove burners. NOTE 2 However, such requirements have not been considered for the other types of appliances because: - for barbecues, this type of cooking varies according to the type of food and region where the appliance is used; - for heating appliances, all the heat produced is discharged into the environment.
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