Standard NBN EN 1804-1+A1:2010

Machines for underground mines - Safety requirements for hydraulic powered roof supports - Part 1: Support units and general requirements
Publication date
Replaced by
73.100.10 Tunnelling and tubbing equipment
Summary :
This standard specifies the safety requirements for support units when used as specified by the manufacturer or his authorised representative. Examples of support units are frame supports, chock supports, shield supports, paired frames and push-pull support systems including the components of advancing and anchoring devices which provide support functions. This part of the standard excludes fixing elements on the conveyor, coal-winning equipment, power set legs and rams, valves, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic control units, lighting and signalling facilities and other ancillary equipment. NOTE Some components are dealt with in other parts of this standard. This standard applies to support units used at temperatures from -10° C to 60° C. This standard also applies to support components and support accessories which are provided if the support unit is fitted with stowing equipment. This standard identifies and takes account of: - Possible hazards which may be caused by the operation of support units; - Areas and operating conditions which may create such hazards; - Hazardous situations which may cause injury or may be damaging to health; This standard describes methods for the reduction of these hazards. A list of hazards covered appears in clause 4. This European standard does not establish the additional requirements for: - Specially corrosive environments; - Hazards occurring during construction, transportation, decommissioning; - Earthquake. This standard is applicable to all support units placed on the market for the first time, which are manufactured after the date on which this standard was published.
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