Standard NBN EN 1992-3:2006

Eurocode 2 - Design of concrete structures - Part 3: Liquid retaining and containment structures
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91.010.30 Technical aspects 91.080.40 Concrete structures
Summary :
1.1.2 Scope of Part 3 of Eurocode 2 (101)P Part 3 of EN 1992 covers additional rules to those in Part 1 for the design of structures constructed from plain or lightly reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete or prestressed concrete for the containment of liquids or granular solids. (102)P Principles and Application Rules are given in this Part for the design of those elements of structure which directly support the stored liquids or materials (i.e. the directly loaded walls of tanks, reservoirs or silo
s). Other elements which support these primary elements (for example, the tower structure which supports the tank in a water towe
r) should be designed according to the provisions of Part 1-1. (103)P This part does not cover: - Structures for the storage of materials at very low or very high temperatures - Structures for the storage of hazardous materials the leakage of which could constitute a major health or safety risk. - The selection and design of liners or coatings and the consequences of the choice of these on the design of the structure. - Pressurised vessels. - Floating structures - Gas tightness (104) This code is valid for stored materials which are permanently at a temperature between -40 °C and +200 °C. (105) For the selection and design of liners or coatings, reference should be made to appropriate documents. (106) It is recognised that, while this code is specifically concerned with structures for the containment of liquids and granular materials, the clauses covering design for liquid tightness may also be relevant to other types of structure where liquid tightness is required. (107) In clauses relating to leakage and durability, this code mainly covers aqueous liquids. Where other liquids are stored in direct contact with structural concrete, reference should be made to specialist literature.
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