Standard NBN EN 1999-1-4:2007

Eurocode 9 - Design of aluminium structures - Part 1-4: Cold-formed structural sheeting
Publication date
91.010.30 Technical aspects 91.080.10 Metal structures 91.080.17 Aluminium structures
Summary :
1.1.1 Scope of EN 1999 (1)P EN 1999 applies to the design of buildings and civil engineering and structural works in aluminium. It complies with the principles and requirements for the safety and serviceability of structures, the basis of their design and verification that are given in EN 1990 - Basis of structural design. (2) EN 1999 is only concerned with requirements for resistance, serviceability, durability and fire resis┬Čtance of aluminium structures. Other requirements, e.g. concerning thermal or sound insulation, are not considered. (3) EN 1999 is intended to be used in conjunction with: - EN 1990 "Basis of structural design" - EN 1991 "Actions on structures" - European Standards construction products relevant for aluminium structures - EN 1090-1: Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures - Part 1: Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components - EN 1090-3: Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures - Part 3: Technical requirements for aluminium structures (4) EN 1999 is subdivided in five parts: EN 1999-1-1 Design of Aluminium Structures: General structural rules. EN 1999-1-2 Design of Aluminium Structures: Structural fire design. EN 1999-1-3 Design of Aluminium Structures: Structures susceptible to fatigue. EN 1999-1-4 Design of Aluminium Structures: Cold-formed structural sheeting. EN 1999-1-5 Design of Aluminium Structures: Shell structures. 1.1.2 Scope of EN 1999-1-4 (1)P EN 1999-1-4 gives design requirements for cold-formed trapezoidal aluminium sheeting. It applies to cold-formed aluminium products made from hot rolled or cold rolled sheet or strip that have been cold-formed by such processes as cold-rolled forming or press-breaking. The execution of aluminium structures made of cold-formed sheeting is covered in EN 1090-3. NOTE The rules in this part complement the rules in other parts of EN 1999-1. (2) (...)
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