Standard NBN EN 21864:2008

Information technology - Unrecorded 12,7 mm (0,5 in) wide magnetic tape for information interchange - 32 ftpmm (800 ftpi) NRZ1, 126 ftpmm (3200 ftpi) phase encoded and 356 ftpm (9042 ftpi) NRZ1 (ISO/IEC 1864:1992)
Publication date
35.220.20 Magnetic storage devices in general 35.220.22 Magnetic tapes
Summary :
This International Standard specifies the characteristics of 12, 7 mm (0.5 i
n) wide magnetic tape with reel, to enable magnetic and mechanical interchangeability of such tape between information processing systems. This International Standard applies solely to magnetic tape for digital recording using the NRZ1 method of recording at 32 ftpmm and 356 ftpmm (800 ftpi and 8 042 ftp
i) or the phase-encoded method of recording at 126 ftpmm (3 200 ftp
i) in which the direction is nominally longitudinal. NOTE 1 Some numeric values in the SI and/or Imperial measurement system in this International Standard have been rounded off and therefore are consistent with, but not exactly equal to, each other. Either system may be used, but the two should be neither intermixed nor reconverted. The original design was made using the Imperial measurement system.
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