Standard NBN EN 28073:2008

Information technology - Telecommunications and information exchange between systems - Open Systems Interconnection - Protocol for providing the connection-mode transport service (ISO/IEC 8073:1992 and Technical Corrigendum 1:1993)
Publication date
35.100.40 Transport layer
Summary :
This International Standard specifies
a) five classes of procedures when operating over the connection-mode network service: 1) class 0: simple class; 2) class 1: basic error recovery class; 3) class 2: multiplexing class; 4) class 3: error recovery and multiplexing class; 5) class 4: error detection and recovery class; for the connection-mode transfer of data and control information from one transport entity to a peer transport entity;
b) one class (class 4) of procedure when operating over the connectionless-mode network service;
c) the means of negotiating the class of procedures to be used bu the transport entities;
d) the structure and encoding of the transport protocol data units used for the transfer of data and control information.
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