Standard NBN EN 763:1994

Plastics piping and ducting systems - Injection-moulded thermoplastics fittings - Test method for visually assessing effects of heating
Publication date
Replaced by
23.040.20 Plastics pipes 23.040.45 Plastics fittings
Summary :
This standard specifies methods for visually assessing the effects of heating on injection-moulded thermoplastics fittings, including cracking or splitting induced by residual stress. It is applicable to fittings for pressure and non-pressure applications, e.g. flanged fittings, fittings incorporating elastomeric sealing rings and fittings consisting of the assembly of a number of moulded parts. Two methods are given, involving respectively use of an air oven, designated method A, and of a liquid bath, designated method B. In the event of these methods giving differing results, method A is declared to be the reference method for use in case of dispute.
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